Basic human needs fulfilled with new technology

Myheartbear is a combination of an app in a smart phone and an old fashioned teddy bear. Nothing comforts like a teddy bear, and the heart is the home of love. We combined this in Myheartbear and made it connected. 


The app records the heartbeat of your loved one. It sends the heartbeats via Bluetooth and they are displayed in the heart of the teddy bear. Myheartbear is digital and physical, we developed the product exactly as the dream I had back in 1999.

The name was a natural choice

We wanted the name to be descriptive and easy to understand. Myheartbear just came to me during a walk with my dog Buster in Royal Djurgården, a beautiful park in Stockholm. We had of course other suggestions and spent hours searching for free domain names. Luckily we managed to buy We also bought and These domains will be useful for future business.

Word mark and logotype


Next challenge was to get the name approved as a word mark.  Just to fill in the forms was hard work. It can be difficult to get a descriptive name approved.  We were delighted when Myheartbear became an approved EU word mark in April 2014.

We worked with the great designer Nina Jobs. She created our logotype, a stylized Teddy bear head. A strong visual identity easy to use in different media. We filed it as a design pattern and the logotype was approved in the EU in May 2014.

The teddy bear design


The expression of  Myheartbear is a cross over between an old fashioned teddy bear with an attitude and contemporary vibes. The teddy bear is designed by Birgitta Röstlinger, a teddy bear artist from Stockholm. To find the teddy bear’s personality took quite a while. But we are very satisfied with the result.