Technical development

In July 2014 we had our first meeting with Göran Nordahl, our creative electronic designer and the software and app developers. Every one was exited about the project. The technical creation began.


November 2014, at last, our circuit board was completed. Here in its test bed. It was is time to check that everything was working. We were so lucky that it worked so well.


In the beginning of December we managed to capture the heartbeat and sent it to a receiving screen. We were one step further towards a functioning stable prototype.

Internet Discovery Days


This is a brilliant mingel where you can pitch your company and your idea. The visitors are leading investors, media and professionals in the business. This was the first time we participated in an event and the feedback was excellent. I had a great time talking to interested people.

Patent application


In December 2014 we filed our patent application – System for heartbeat based communication. From that day we felt more free to speak about Myheartbear, it was quite a relief. Anders Kuntsel Co-Founder and CTO outside Patents and Registration office in Stockholm.

Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas


In January 2015 Myheartbear, the first prototype and I traveled to Los Angeles to prepare for CES in Las Vegas. We rested by the sea during the weekend to do the final testings , buy sim cards etc. Monday morning we drove to Las Vegas to visit Consumer Electronic Show. We were a group of Swedish Start ups visiting Las Vegas to exhibit, meet people and see the latest trends.

 We had a busy week,  met a lot of people and experienced what was cooking within the area of Internet of things/wearables. Wednesday we met with press and investors. The feedback on Myheartbear was excellent.  Everything at CES  was about the quantified self – to incorporate technology to measure a person´s daily life. Our idea with an IOT product and platform that enhances the emotional connection between people was really original.

 Applications, applications, applications


We have applied to several Start up incubators and competitions. It has been rewarding, but sometimes frustrating.  Formulating and refining the business idea, the pitch etc, has been very time consuming. But we have learned a lot. It´s a  great process to decide what to focus on.