Co-create a happier world

Myheartbear has applied to Project He Ha Super Happiness Challenge. The Super Happiness Challenge is one of the first initiatives of Project HeHa—a worldwide movement to help people achieve super happiness, and co-create a happier world.

To share happiness and love with others

At Project HeHa, they believe that people have an innate need to be happy and to share that happiness with others. However, our collective level of happiness has not kept up with its potential growth despite technological advances and improved quality of life. The Super Happiness Challenge is designed empower ideas and solutions to directly address this unmet need for happiness.”

Myheartbear is a worthy participant

We belive  that Myhertbear is a worthy participant because it is providing a feeling of closeness when loved ones can´t be physically together. The result is that you feel more secure. And to feel secure is a prerequisite to happiness. as we seei t. #hehaproject #superhappinesschallenge #singularityuniversity #nest
Keep your fingers crossed❤️🐻