Research – What people felt

We made interviews with 50 potential customers – 80 % were interested in purchasing Myheartbear. People became emotionally involved when we explained the product.                                                                                                        

I want to buy one. I sometimes have late nights at the office and for me to know that my daughter can feel my heartbeat when she is longing for me is a wonderful idea.”  Hanna, accountant.                                                                              

I get goose bumps just thinking that my son feels my heartbeat when I´m away.” Christoffer, co-owner of the web agency.

Let me know when it is on the market, I will immediately buy one for my daughter who travels a lot. ” Eve, mother of an international business woman with a toddler.

The benefit of heartbeats

We found a study from Harvard researchers. “Premature babies should be played the sound of their mother’s voice and heartbeat while in incubators to help aid their brain development”

Research for Myheartbear

Our own research

We wanted to know more and asked university librarians, a brain scientist and pediatricians if they knew any other studies of the benefits or disadvantages. We didn´t find any. Then we made our own. We had connections with an institution in Estonia  for kids and young adults with mental disorders. We sent them a pillow with recorded heartbeats. We found that the heartbeats affected the kids positively.  

One child, Irina, named it be happy pillow. When she tried it she fell asleep within ten minutes. She loved the pillow and held it in her arms. She believed that the pillow made her think of fun things.                                                                                

Elle, another child, was always very quiet. When she had the pillow in her arms, she began to talk a lot. Something unusual and positive happened to her.  Joosep, a young adult, said: It threw out all the horrible thoughts out of my head. It was known that Joosep was plagued by anguished thoughts. Now his thoughts were nice.

Business plan

Business plan for Myheartbear

It is very important to create a business plan. You are forced to pin point the mission. We worked like maniacs and applied to Venture Cup, a business plan competition in Sweden. Myheartbear got nominated to the finals in May 2014. We were runners up in the category Life and Science. We are so proud and happy, and feel that we definitely have a chance to succeed.

A prayer for success


All ideas need a wish good luck. I put mine in Yoko Ono´s Wish Tree at Wanås Sculpture park in Skåne, in the southern part of Sweden. The wish is now harvested and sent to the Imagine Peace tower in Iceland, where it is stored with wishes from Wish Trees from all over the world. More than one million wishes has been harvested since 2007 when Yoko Ono built the memorial. I cross my fingers that my wish will come true.