The idea of Myheartbear.
What if he could have a teddy bear with my heartbeat

15 years ago when my son was 6 years old. I was on a business trip on the other side of the world. I was sitting in a cold conference room in Caracas, Venezuela. The meeting went on forever and ever and it was time for my son Leo to go to bed, at home back in Stockholm, Sweden. I wanted so badly to be with him, but couldn`t leave the meeting to call him and say good night. Then it hit me! What if he had a teddy bear with my heartbeat, so he could sense my presence and feel more secure before he went to sleep. The idea of Myheartbear was created.

The idea didn`t leave me – The idea of Myheartbear


The years passed. I commuted every day in sunshine, rain and snow on my Vespa from downtown Stockholm, to my work at Ericsson in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm. My Vespa rides were my thinking and reflection time. he idea that hit me in Caracas didn´t leave me. It was nagging me constantly to do something about it. An opportunity to fullfil my dream

Three years ago I got an opportunity. An ex-colleague of mine Anders Kuntsel and I met at Ericsson. We decided to create a Start up, to develop my idea. To start a company where we use our combined knowledge and experience from the mobile technology industry.

Our vision


We want to offer sustainable cyber-physical products to conscious people worldwide, that strengthen relationships between people and thus create a better world. We started our company Studio Heartbear in February 2014. We are creating our first product Myheartbear, a teddy bear powered with heart beats from some one you love.