Your heartbeat as comforting closeness. Helping babies and toddlers to feel more secure.

Myheartbear is a new kind of teddy bear that you power with closeness and love. This heartfelt companion allows you to share your heartbeat with your loved ones  when you are parted

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First, the app records the heartbeat of a person’s loved one. Then it sends those heartbeats via Bluetooth and stores it within the bear.


People are hardwired for love and connection – A mother’s heartbeat is one of the first experiences in a child’s life. It provides them with a sense of security and connection.



Myheartbear provides extra comfort when your child is sad and longing for you, wakes up in the middle of the night or has a hard time falling a sleep.



What is Myheartbear?
It is a teddy bear with an electronic heart and an app.  You record your heartbeat with the app and send it to the heart of Myheartbear.
Are Myheartbear safe?

Of course! Myheartbear meets all necessary safety regulations and standards in the EU and the USA.
How do I charge Myheartbear?

Just use the Micro-USB charging socket. Then take the cable (yes it’s included and comes with your order) and plug it in!

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Project He Ha Super Happiness Challenge

Co-create a happier world Myheartbear has applied to Project He Ha Super Happiness Challenge. "The Super Happiness Challenge is one of the first initiatives of Project HeHa—a worldwide movement to help people achieve super happiness, and co-create a happier world. To...

The first prototype of Myheartbear

Technical development In July 2014 we had our first meeting with Göran Nordahl, our creative electronic designer and the software and app developers. Every one was exited about the project. The technical creation began. November 2014, at last, our circuit board was...

Research and creating a business plan for Myheartbear

Research – What people felt We made interviews with 50 potential customers – 80 % were interested in purchasing Myheartbear. People became emotionally involved when we explained the product.                                                                              ...

The idea of Myheartbear

The idea of Myheartbear. What if he could have a teddy bear with my heartbeat 15 years ago when my son was 6 years old. I was on a business trip on the other side of the world. I was sitting in a cold conference room in Caracas, Venezuela. The meeting went on forever...

The design of Myheartbear

Basic human needs fulfilled with new technology Myheartbear is a combination of an app in a smart phone and an old fashioned teddy bear. Nothing comforts like a teddy bear, and the heart is the home of love. We combined this in Myheartbear and made it connected.  The...